Nomination Period October 1-31, 2011
Review Board: November 2011
Award Ceremony: December 2011
The criteria for the Cumberland County Young Democrat Award is as follows:
A CCYD member in good standing with the organization for at least 6 months.
Significant achievements in the past year advancing the principles of the Young Democrats of Cumberland County
  • Voter Registration
  • Community Outreach
  • Precinct Operations
  • Campaign Maneuvers
  • Event planning and fundraising for the purpose of advancing young democrats participation in the political process
In addition, the selection package should also include the following:
  1. Selection’s Resume and Biography – detailing the selection’s background, accomplishments, and contributions.
  2. Award Criteria Narrative – a description of specific accomplishment(s) that demonstrate excellence in the specified category for which the individual is being nominated, and/or community service activities, and/or organizational involvement;
  3. Supporting Material (optional) – copies of news and magazine articles written by or about the nominee; and
  4. Photo – three (3) inches wide, 300 dpi, TIF, or EPS format. Also accepted are JPG files; however, these must be expandable to 300 dpi and should not be low resolution.

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