Cumberland County Young Democrats Annual Holiday Social Sponsors

Dear Members,

The Young Democrats of Cumberland County have worked for several years to move Cumberland County forward. Governor Jim Hunt showed that Young Democrats could build connections and lay the foundation for a lifetime of service. Governor Terry Sanford called on Young Democrats again and again to make a difference.

In the past six months, Young Democrats challenged the Republicans with direct action at the General Assembly, and cultivated new members here in Cumberland County. With your help, the Young Democrats of Cumberland County will continue our great work for a brighter future.

On December 10, 2011 at 7:00 PM, our third annual CCYD Winter Social will feature our Young Dem Award, and several leaders from the community. One Young Democrat here in Cumberland County has made excellent waves in the community, and we are seeking sponsors for the event. Sponsorship amounts are $ 25, $50, $100, $250, $500. Donations can be made by check.  Your name will be included on the invitation and our website and featured prominently on all of our CCYD Winter Social documents.

Sponsorship means more than helping the Young Democrats of Cumberland County; it is an investment in the future of North Carolina. With the resources raised from CCYD Winter Social we will be able to build up the chapter throughout the county, organize phone banks and other activities in targeted districts and a lot more. Young Democrats are the future of Cumberland County. We are your future leaders, public servants and activists.

Stand with us as we fight to build a brighter future for Cumberland County and take back our state from a General Assembly dominated by the Tea Party. The future starts here and the future starts now. Join us for the Third Annual CCYD Winter Social!

Democratically Yours,

Crystal Cavalier
President, Cumberland County Young Democrats


Crystal Cavalier $50.00


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