Our energy use directly impacts our national security.

Our oil use makes us vulnerable.

Oil use in particular leaves us dependent on hostile countries that do not share our values, and funds our worst enemies. The United States does not produce nearly enough oil to reach its demand. We get most of our oil from other countries-and much of that comes from countries that do not share our values or have our best interests in mind. It also represents a serious drain on our economy: every single day, we send $1 billion out of the country for oil. That’s a serious drain on our economy when we need every dollar we can get here at home.

Climate change is a serious threat to American security. The Department of Defense calls climate change a threat multiplier-quite simply, it makes bad conditions worse. The droughts, floods, rising tides, and other extreme weather phenomena of climate change, and the starvation, destabilization, and massive tides of desperate refugees these conditions cause lead to abject misery around the world. They also allow anti-American extremists to gain footholds in nations too busy coping with climate disruption to dispel them. We saw this in the floods of Pakistan last summer, when al Qaeda took advantage of the chaos and disruption to recruit desperate refugees.

Call to action. Truman National Security Project will be calling on individuals, particularly veterans, elected officals and citizens to get involved with the Operation Free campaign to help draw the connection between our energy use and national security.

Please email ccavalier@trumanproject.org to be added to the Truman National Security Project Newsletter


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